What is PMAT?

Performance Management and Accountability Toolkit (PMAT) is one of the most advanced and user-friendly software suite to help create ‘effective organizations’ that deliver what is expected from them and hold their managers accountable for their performance. It is based on vast accumulated international experience with the design and implementation of performance management systems in public and private sector. 

Performance Management

This module is the heart of the software and it has three sub-modules: (i) Performance Management of Organization (ii) Quality Assurance of Performance Management System (iii) Performance Appraisal of Employees. Read more..

Budget Management

This module allows the top management of the organization to keep track of the budget and ensure that adequate funding for achieving high priority organizational goals.  

Risk Management

Essence of management is ‘risk management.’ When a manager has full control of input outputs, then it is referred to as Administration. The realm of Management covers those areas over which management does not have full control. This modules allows senior managers to assign risk and proactively manage it. 

Recent News

1 February 2017

The Performance Management and Accountability Toolkit (PMAT) has been tested as a pilot project in workshop on developing an APO Toolkit on Performance Management in Public Sector in at APO Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan from December 5th to 9th, 2016.

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